Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Ramblings

     With Christmas almost here I finally feel like I have a majority of my stuff done. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do everything I wanted, but for the most part I did at the last minute. I thought I wouldn't get a Christmas card done this year, but thanks to Walgreens one day cards those were done and mailed a couple days ago. They even turned out pretty cute.

Did some baking for gifts for neighbors. A little disappointed in  Martha's jam cookie recipe. Mental note do not try new recipes for gifts, stick to ones I know.  The pretzels and smores chocolate bark were delicious and both only take like 10 minutes if you are looking for something simple to do. Trust me every time I bring the pretzels to any party they are gone in like 5 minutes. All you do is place rolos on pretzels bake for five minutes at 250 then push an M&M in the middle to keep it in place and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Super easy to do and bring to any Christmas parties. My pictures are horrible, done quickly with my phone but they taste much better then they may look.

     Things I failed to do: I wanted to make grandparents a mug and photo calender, but decided too late and now must scramble to think of something else. There are a few other cookies I'd like to make we'll see if that happens. I need to go get  grab bag gifts tomorrow for this dirty Santa (not what you may be thinking) game we play with my family. Any ideas besides gift cards would be welcome.I really don't want to go shopping tomorrow but it looks like I have no choice.
     We did wrap all the kids gifts tonight, which I'm happy about.
     Overall I'm happy with what I got done. I was so wrapped up with everything else going on, you can read about it here that I wasn't sure I would do much this Christmas. Now I'm over it for the most part, I know it wasn't meant to be and we could be stuck in a situation much worse then just living in a small house I just need to find more ways to make it work.
     I hope to get some sleep tonight Liam has been up all night crying saying his side hurts, and we've been taking turns laying with him and now I think my husband fell asleep with him while up there, hopefully Liam's not getting sick.
     So, I'm thinking tomorrow after facing some last minute shopping and maybe a doctor's visit, we will come home and enjoy some hot cocoa and a Christmas movie. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas:)


  1. Mm those treats look very yummy! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope you Christmas was fun with your boys! I made those pretzel rolos for the first time this Christmas..yum! and so easy! I am a new follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.

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