Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Clarke Christmas

     We had a great Christmas over here, hope all you guys did as well. The boys received lots of wonderful gifts from family and good, old Santa. Now we have just been opening toys, putting them together, and trying to find places for all their things. Luckily we bought an extra shelf from IKEA a couple of months ago just for this purpose. Our house seems to be slowly getting back to normal, and I can finally see the floor instead of a mass of boxes and toys. Next step is to go through old clothes that don't fit and put new ones away.
     We were lucky enough to have the kids sleep in a couple of time this week too (one day till 9am). I'm sure it was due to the lack of sleep they got on Christmas Eve and Day. They even all napped a few times, which was like a Christmas present to me since I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy napping myself or an hour to relax. Usually I try to run around and clean when they sleep, but lately I've been trying to relax.
     My husband got hurt at work about a couple weeks ago, nothing serious he just needs a couple of weeks to recover. Getting hurt of course is not a good thing, but it's been nice seeing more of him and having him around. I know the kids love it. He goes back Monday and I'll be sad to be doing this all alone again.
   Instead of getting each other gift this year we just bought an IPad to share. I love it so far even though he's been hogging it most of the time. I have this Jamie Oliver recipe app and it has this Sausage and zucchini carbonara on it, it was amazing. I wish I took pictures, but it was gone before I thought of it. I tried looking for the recipe online to have a link for it, but this is the closest one I could find all you do is add two chopped zucchini to it and use bacon instead of pancetta. If you have an Ipad or Iphone definitely try it it's part of the free taster pack app, I've actually debated buying the full app after eating that, which for me is a big deal since I prefer not to spend money on apps.
    Starting next week I should be posting like usual, I've just been taking a small blogging vacation of sorts. In the meantime here are a few Christmas pictures.

         Declan did not like Santa, but this was awesome a guy does this for free at his house two weeks   before Christmas every year. The whole garage and lawn is decorated it was incredible

     Poor guy was sick and threw up twice Christmas Eve, but didn't want to miss anything


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