Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SodaStream Review

     We are big club soda drinkers in our house, so I was super excited to get the chance to review Sodastream. Basically with the SodaStream you are able to make your own club soda or flavored soda at home for a fraction of the cost. They offer tons of flavors and sent me lots to sample. Some of the flavors include cola, diet cola, lemon lime, energy(similar to red bull), club soda fruit enhancers, natural sodas (made with natural ingredients), sparkling teas, ginger ale, cranberry-raspberry, diet pink grapefruit, and many more. Basically any flavor you want they have, for a full list you can look here.
This machine was super easy to use. When it comes all you have to do is put the carbonator bottle in and you are ready to make soda. The first thing I made was club soda. All you do is put cold water in the bottle, screw it onto the machine, and then press the button (it recommends to push it 3 times, but for me it wasn't carbonated enough so I did 5). It tastes just like any club soda you would buy at the store and is much cheaper. Then we tried some of the flavors. I liked the water enhancers it gave the club soda just a hint of flavor that I loved. I try to limit our soda intake and really don't buy it much, but it is nice to have it right on hand when you want some. We tried the root beer first and it had a great flavor that you look for in a root beer. Liam also loved making the soda with me and trying all the different flavors available. My favorites where the all natural fruit flavored beverages they reminded me of Clearly Canadians. Do they still make those? I used to love them.
     The soda also seems to keep its carbonation for a long time. We had one in the fridge for a week and it was still fizzy. Once your carbonator tank runs out all you have to do is exchange it at a local retailer or you can order one online and they will provide you with a prepaid box to send your old one back in. We have had our SodaStream for about 2 months and still have not needed a new tank yet. I have to say I love this product for many reasons. The fact that you save money by making soda at home and it tastes great, that you are being more green since you are not wasting plastic bottles, and you can make any flavor you feel like in a matter of seconds. For me the only thing that could make this product better is if the liter bottles were dishwasher safe. I would also recommend having a least two bottles since they are only 1 liter bottles. They provided me with one bottle, but I plan on ordering two more. Plus I think it would be good to use one only for plain club soda and another for flavored sodas.
     I think the SodaStream is definitely worth the money, you can buy a starter kit for only $79.95. You can buy one online here or at many local stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Sears, and many more places. For a full list, you can go here. If you drink soda in your home I think this product will pay for itself in just a few months. I would definitely recommend this product and think it would make a great gift for the holiday season.

*Disclaimer- SodaStream provided me with one soda starter kit and flavors. In no way did that effect my opinion. Everything written is my opinion and 100% honest.*

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  1. Fellow lover - I have the Penguin and drink my fizzy water all day long. I like it as-is without any flavor!

    Just found & followed you via Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!