Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why I dread making dinner...


My husband works second shift from 2pm-10:30pm, so I am alone with the kids at dinner. Usually I try to make simple dinners or get as much as I can ready either the night before or while Declan, and hopefully Rory naps. Still dinner takes time to cook and put on plates and for some reason during that time it always seems everyone needs mommy. Everyone can be happy and content one minute before, but as soon as I start cooking someone needs something or usually all 3 of them do. Don't get my wrong I love all my little guys to bits, but we have a very small galley kitchen and everyone in there at once just makes me claustrophobic. Yesterday I made spaghetti, a fairly simple dinner. Liam and Declan were playing together and Rory was in his bumbo seat watching, so I figured it was the perfect time to start. Then as soon as I started cooking Declan was pulling at my leg screaming for me to pick him up, while Liam was asking a million questions (what is this for, can I have smoothie , let's make scrambled eggs, I wanted hot dogs for dinner), and Rory was starting to fuss a little. I do try to let them help in the kitchen when I can or give them some fruit to munch on while I cook, but it never fails that everyone is in the kitchen with me even when my husband is home. Then I am always tripping over someone and trying to make sure they don't pull anything off the counter. I don't know why I find this part of my day so stressful. Then usually one of them doesn't like the dinner I made and I wonder why I bothered, which is why we usually have spaghetti at least once a week because it is something they both like and easy.  I think it may just be the size of our kitchen, but I'm not sure maybe if I had a bigger kitchen it would be the same. All I know is I miss the days when my husband was home for dinner and we could all eat together and I had some help:)


  1. Oh Jessica how I can relate! ;) I am sure it's so hard with your husband gone until so late. Mine is home after dinner is all served and cleaned up. I think dinner time is probably the craziest time of the day. I rely heavily on the slowcooker, but even then as you said it takes time to plate everything, cut it up, get drinks, etc. Just know you're not alone!! Hugs! Michelle

  2. I hear ya! Even though my hubby is usually home while I'm making dinner, the kids are usually underfoot. My foot. They want to be in the kitchen, I guess that's where all the hustle and bustle is, and they're excited, and of course, HUNGRY! Ugggg. Stressful, indeed.

    I try my hardest to do prep the night before, the morning of, or at other seemingly convenient times. But I am usually right there with ya!

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  3. Oh I can relate! It is by far, the most stressful part of our day too. From 3-6 pm...the worst! I'm cooking...they're making a mess, bringing toys in the kitchen, trying to eat snacks and fighting...then my husband walks in the door and they totally shift gears and are happy once again!!! Hahaha!

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