Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saving on kids stuff

Not sure how many people do this already, but I thought I'd share so if there's not one in your neighborhood you could start one. The moms in my neighborhood have a Facebook page to share information and ask advice to parenting related things. Soon people started selling babies items and asking to buy some, so then we decided to start a page to buy and sell items in our neighborhood. It has been awesome I have been able to get my kids cheap new items we need and get rid of items we no longer need. People also sell non baby items and it's so nice that all the people live close by and you can trust them. It works like Craigslist but even better. I've also given away formula and diaper coupons I don't need. I can't tell you how much I love having a site like this and how much money it has saved me. With my first son I wanted everything new,  but once you realize how quickly they go through things you realize it's best to save whenever you can. Plus your baby never notices if their clothes or toys are new or used. If you don't have one in your neighborhood yet I'd definitely start one.

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  1. New follower from the Fun Tuesday Blog hop! Great idea! Our homeschool community does that for curriculum and supplies! It's a great way to save some money AND be "greener"!