Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't you hate it when....

you see someone you know and you know they see you, but they try to avoid eye contact with you so they don't have to say hi.  I mean wouldn't it just be easier to say hi and move on. Writing about my CVS trip reminded me of this. As I was leaving I saw someone I knew, but we had a falling out a while back. She lives down the street so I run into her sometimes and I see her at parties and say hello, then move on.  I don't want to have a long conversation or anything because honestly I don't have much to say to her, but just a simple hi would be nice. I know she saw me because I was so close to her I could have touched her, plus I saw her look my way then quickly look straight ahead like she didn't see me.  I was staring at her waiting for her to look my way again, so I could say hi and be polite, but she never did. I thought of just saying hi anyways, but she was working so hard not to notice me I didn't want to ruin it for her. Plus I figured she would have pretended like she didn't see me there and that would have annoyed me even more.  

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