Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lunette Cup Review

   I was lucky enough to have the chance to review a lunette cup. Now if you don't know what one is you can go look here, but basically it is a reusable silicone menstrual cup. I have been wanting to try one for a while now and during my last cycle I did for the first time. I can tell you one thing I won't be going back to tampons or pads, that's for sure.
   I tried the lunette cup as soon as my first cycle came. I was a bit nervous since at times my cycle can be heavy, so I was hoping this would be able to do the job since I usually always wear a tampon and a pad. I was impressed I was able to only wear the lunette cup with no leakage issue. On my heavier days I did have to empty it more often, but I love not having to wear a pad and a tampon.  To insert it is easy all you need to do is fold in half and insert as you would a tampon and then you are done. It fits very comfortably and at times I forget I even have it in. Plus you can wear it up to 12 hours before removing and cleaning the cup. I have used this cup through two cycles now and I am impressed with how well it works and how comfortable it is. I even wore it to the beach without any issues!
    I highly recommend giving the Lunette cup a try. There are many reasons to try it, here's just a few. You will be saving money, it's better for the environment, and more comfortable then any pad or tampon I have worn. Trust me it is worth a try, you won't be disappointed. Stop here to order one today.

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