Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why do You Blog?

     Do you ever get caught up with looking at the stats on your blog? I know I do, it was especially bad when I first started I always wanted to check and see how many people were looking at my pages. This is why I don't weigh myself because I become obsessed with numbers.
        Now I will look once in a while, but not as often because I write this blog for myself and my family. I hope one day my children will be able to look back and see all the wonderful memories I have of them. Which reminds me of another cute thing Declan does when the tea kettle goes off he will jump up and start saying "oh, hot water" and then will go turn the stove off. Don't worry he is always supervised. The first time he did it I followed him to see what he was going to do and was surprised he knew how to turn off the stove. Then I thought about how smart he is, but also how dangerous that could be if he just decided to turn it on one day. Luckily our house is small though so I can always see into the kitchen or hear what is going on.
       I went a little off topic back to blogging and stats. While I would like people to read my blog because I find it nice that people are interested in my life or writing in the same way I enjoy reading others blogs, this blog is really for me and my family and I try to remember that now. I think when I started I worried if I was posting enough and if I was writing about the right topics, but I have learned to take a more relaxed stance now. Maybe too relaxed at times because I really do want to keep all these small memories here that I will probably forget about in a few months or years.  Soon I will be writing some updates on Liam and Rory and have those reviews I was talking about.


  1. Is it bad that until very very recently I didn't even know how to check stats? I also like that people read my blog, but I know I'll never be e-famous or anything. It's just..an outlet, you know.

  2. I get caught up with numbers too. I check my stats everyday. I think we all just want to feel like we matter a little bit, even to strangers.