Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moment I want to Remember

Some, most of my days are filled with tears, temper tantrums, and whining at some point or another. Some days are better then others, then there are the days when  I loose my temper and feel guilty since it was over something little, but some days all those little things add up and I explode. Later to feel guilty for losing my patience. My days are also filled with lots of wonderful moments and I know in the years to come all these joyful moments will be the ones I remember and the hard times will not matter as much. This post about mothering is great and I can so relate to her words, but I understand why people tell you to enjoy every moment. It is hard to do and I know there are times where I feel like I want to scream because as soon as one child stops crying another one starts, but then there are wonderful moments and those are the ones that melt my heart and make all those tough moments drift away. 
Here are some of mine:
The cute way Declan says more mommy then it turns into, please mommy when he really wants something (it's so cute I just want to give him whatever he wants but I don't)
Liam telling me I look beautiful today
Rory's face lighting up when I walk into the room
Declan running up to me with his arms wide open for a hug, I love when he plays that game
Watching Liam with other children and seeing how kind he is to them
How proud Rory looks when he stands by himself for a few seconds
How whenever Declan gets a snack, he asks for one for Liam too, then runs to give it to him shouting "Iam , Iam"
Liam getting out of bed many times and just when I am about to get upset with him he tells he just wanted to give me a kiss
My morning cuddle time with Rory
Watching the 3 of them when they play nice and give each other hugs and kisses
These faces

I'd love to hear some moments you want to remember this week


  1. Awww, such a great reminder. I'm new to having 3, but I can relate somewhat. I want to remember how loving my oldest son can be, and what a big personality he has. I want to remember how inquisitive and intelligent my 3 year old is, and I want to remember how easy going my newborn is (so far).

  2. Motherhood is the greatest adventure. So MUCH more so when you have all boys!

    Great blog!! found you via the friendship friday blog hop!!

  3. What a great post! I want to freeze time and remember my daughter at this age and all the things she does. It is great to take a step back!

  4. when my kids ask me if I'm coming to tuck them in at night. Then they all won't let me walk out of their rooms until they can give me a hug and kiss. Priceless.

  5. This is precious! Newest follower! can't wait to be a mom blogger so I can share sweet moments like this!