Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Best Fries Ever

     So, I've been feeling a bit like Martha Stewart or Julia Childs lately and doing a lot of cooking around here. I enjoy cooking sometimes I would complain our kitchen is too small and that's why making certain things are a pain because there is not enough room, but really it does get a little cluttered, but I can manage.
     Anyways I saw these fries on Pinterest by the Pioneer Woman and wanted to try them. I've never made fries before so I was a little nervous, but they were amazing, maybe the best fries I've ever had you have to try them. Even Liam and Declan who normally don't eat fries (weird I know) loved them. Liam told me they were his favorite fries and has been asking for them at every meal. Besides cutting the potatoes, which is a little time consuming the recipe is easy. I only cut 4 large potatoes and had a ton, I ended up letting the other half soak and just fried them the next day. Here's some really bad pictures of them.

After tasting them I decided i needed a picture of them, so just grabbed my phone at the last minute. I also made homemade pizza dough the other day to, I'm on a roll. Now I just need to get better at meal planning I'll do great one week then flake out the next, but it really does make life easier because I hate trying to figure out what's for dinner at the last minute like tonight. Our nights go so much smoother if I plan ahead. I'd love to know your meal planning tips that work for you.


  1. YUM. I'm a fan of a potato ANY way you cook it. I'll have to try the recipe!

    I know what you mean about meal planning - one week I'll do SO good and throw in a few new recipes. Then the next, it's like we're back to spaghetti and tacos, lol.

    Way to go, Martha! :)

  2. I'm a new follower if only because I love your blog name. :) I have five boys.....would love for you to follow me if you can!


  3. I've never made home made fries before, I will have to try these out. Especially since I just bought a big bag of fries to make with dinner one night this week. That would be two dollars back in my pocket!

  4. Yumm! Just stopping by to pay a friendly visit. We are transplan Il (Morris, near Joilet) so I get a little Chicago fix from yours posts :) We are now in Ohio. Thanks for being a follower of my blog, I certainly appreciate it! Following you on twitter and GFC :)