Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Some things I am thankful for this week:

A few weeks ago Declan decided to give up his bottle on his own, even though he sees Rory get one. Cross your fingers he doesn't change his mind.

Finishing an awesome book *The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf read it if you have a chance, you won't be disappointed

Peppermint tea

Our basement staying dry despite the rain

My mom for coming over to help me even though I'm sure she would rather be home relaxing

A good public school in our district changing from lottery to in district, so now I don't have to worry about where my kids will go.


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I came across your blog on a hop and I'm glad I did. Your boys are adorable (love their names too!...we thought about naming our son Declan before settling on Aidan). I'm now following and hope you'll stop by and consider following back!

    Jamie Q

  2. Hi There....I'm a new follower from the "where nothing good comes easy" blog hop~! Come visit mine sometime soon~! :)

  3. I love the name Declan! I love your blog! Found you via blog hop. New follower!

  4. you are lucky to have such a great mom:)