Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zoobies Blanket Review and Giveaway

     The people over at Zoobies were nice enough to send us a blanket pet. If you have never seen a Zoobies blanket pet, check out their website www.zoobies.com. They are these super cute stuffed animals that have a blanket inside that your child can take out or they can use it as a pillow if you unbuckle the animal because it lays flat.
I let Liam look at the website and pick the one he wanted, they have tons to choose from. Liam chose Bubba the black bear and was super excited about it coming in the mail.

Bubba the Black Bear

 When we received it I opened it with him right away and the first thing I noticed was how soft it was, not like your typical stuffed animal. The material they use makes it very soft and cozy.  Liam was absolutely in love with this blanket. I think I had to take the blanket in and out at least 20 times on the day he got it. It is very simple to fold up the blanket and put back inside the bear then you just need to zip it and velcro it together. You can also put the blanket in without velcroing it, so it lays flat like a pillow.  Once he got his Bubba the bear blanket he asked to sleep with it that night, and had me put away his Batman blanket, which was his favorite. We also had to make sure we had his Zoobies blanket with us in Indiana, so he could sleep with it there.

     Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the Zoobies blanket pet and love the idea of a stuffed animal that is not only a pillow, but a blanket as well. They also sell baby blankies for your littlest ones, storytime pets with characters from your child's favorite stories and blankets inside them,  and slumber pals that include a fleece sleeping bag inside.  These would be great gifts for Christmas or birthdays. They are very portable and great for nap time or to take with when you are on vacation or if your little one spends the night some where. I can already tell this will be one of my son's favorites. Here are a few other ones from the site, they can all be ordered directly from the Zoobies website or you can find a store near you that sells them.

He picked out ones we should buy for Declan and Rory
This is the one Liam picked out for Declan

and this one for Rory

Storytime pal

Slumber Pet

One lucky winner will get to choose their own blanket pet! If you would like to purchase a Zoobies you can order online at www.zoobies.com or search their site for a store near you that sells Zoobies.

Disclaimer*Zoobies provided me with one Zoobies blanket pet to review, in no way did this affect my opinion of the product. Everything written is 100% honest and my own opinion.*


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  5. Those are such cute blankets. I'm going to enter as my 2 year old would adore one. (although he might have to wrestle it from his 8 year old brother.)

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  6. My daughter would love to have a Zoobie- she is a blanket fanatic.

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