Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Time

  I'm sure I must have mentioned before that my husband goes to school during the day then works in the afternoon from 2pm-10:30pm. I hate his schedule when we first had Liam he used to work days and was home by 3pm, which was awesome. Then I went back to work, so he switched to midnights, so that someone could always be home with Liam. The job I had only lasted 6 months, for various reasons and I've been home ever since. He was then still stuck on midnights for awhile, and really didn't like it. He was always tired no matter how much he slept, he just couldn't adjust. He wasn't able to get on days again, so he finally took afternoons which I know is better then midnights, but we miss him at night. He also works weekends and usually is not off two days in a row, so it's not your typical schedule.
   I know there are many other families in similar situations as us. I just didn't realize how great it was when he worked days. He took three days off in a row for no reason and it just made me remember how nice it is to have him around and how much things are. Usually when he has more then one day off in a row, it is for a reason or because he has something to do, but he just had two days off where we had nothing to do except go to a christening. It made me realize how much we all miss him. We just hung out as a family and the kids seemed to behave better too. I'm sure it's because they had both of us here and were able to get more attention. It's just nice to be able to relax and all have dinner together as a family. I love it, and hope we can do it more often.


  1. Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Peach Blog Hop! I know that must be so hard. I'm glad you all had some wonderful family time. :)

    Take care!

  2. Wow - I can't even imagine. I get upset when Jake doesn't come home immediately after work -- and I only have ONE child. You must be one strong lady! :) I hope you guys are able to get in some more family time more often.

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  4. Oh yes, those days are wonderful when you dont get them very often! My husband did the same thing when our first was a baby. He worked days and went to school nights. Our baby only saw him on weekends when he was home. Needless to say, my baby became a momma's boy (and grandma's boy). He still is to this day. Drives my husband crazy, but I remind him that his first 18 months or more of life he never saw his dad!
    Anyway, hope you'll get more family time soon!