Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a mess

     If you read my post here you will know how I feel like I am always changing a dirty diaper. I'm sure most moms feel this way especially if you have more then one in diapers. Moms of multiples I don't know how you do it: diapers at the same time, everyone going through the same stages at once, you guys amaze me. Anyways, I've never had this problem before with a kid. It seems at least once a day Rory poops all over himself. I mean like out of his diaper and all over his body. Usually I just clean him off and throw him in the tub to wash him off a bit. I've never had this problem before with my other kids. I'm not sure if he just moves his diaper around or what because it seems to be on him fine when I check. The worst is when he does it and we're out because it is a huge mess to clean. I've tried different brands, sizes, I'm just not sure what the deal is, I never had this happen so often. Any other moms have this same problem or is it just me?


  1. I am not sure how old Rory is, but maybe adding more fiber to his diet will help with the loose stool?!? Then maybe it won't come out?!? Best of luck!!

  2. Wow, I feel like I'm changing diapers ALL day long with 2 in diapers (and they both poop a lot!) but I don't have to deal with the daily blowouts like you're describing. Maybe use those plastic pants (I've bought them at Walmart) over his diapers to keep the mess contained a bit?

  3. Like Natalie I am not sure how hold he is. But when Hannah was younger it was the same thing, and I still had Amelia in diapers. I am not sure how to advise though, sorry.
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  4. Thanks ladies, he's 6 months and his poops are just normal baby ones it just seems they find there way out of his diaper all the time. He did it again today it was one of the worst yet

  5. Ugh, We only suffered the occasional blowouts but my youngest was a bathtub pooper. Everytime he got a bath even up until he was about 18m he'd poop. Big brother didn't want to take baths with him, lol.

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    I've got twins (I noticed you mentioned us moms of multiples in your post :) ), and wow, it was tough going sometimes.

    And we used cloth diapers for the first year of their life, before I switched to 7th Gen disposables and made my life a little easier!

    I'd change a butt, change another, then have to go back to the first one again, because a little more poop came out!

    Then there were the bas relief paintings that were done on the wall with their own personal mud.

    And the times they took off their diapers and piddled and pooped their way all around the room before I caught up with 'em!

    Ah, those were the days...happy times!

    They only wear diapers at night now, but we still have blowouts during the daytime.
    My husband dealt with a super-explosion which required a full-body wipedown, on Father's Day, because I was busy (wo)manning a facepainting booth when twin Zanna let 'er rip!

    You have my sympathy. And as so many people reminded me to my (not inclined to appreciate the joke at the time) face - They're not likely to graduate from college still having this issue :)

    Good luck!

  8. I have been pretty lucky in not really having had poop leaks -- my advice would be try a different brand and size, but you have done that!
    We instead, have Poop Days. He will not go for a day or 2 and then he will go -- 6 times in a row. Fun!
    The cool thing is, that none of my kids have liked to go outside the house. They all (yes, even now) come home to poop!
    They are weirdos --