Friday, October 14, 2011

What an hour can do for a girl

    Last night my mom came over like she does on most Thursdays,which is super nice of her. Usually I stay home and just try to get some extra stuff done because I know it's hard for her to be alone with 3 little ones since she has arthritis in her knees. She always tells me to go, if  I need to run errands to go ahead, but I usually don't because I feel bad. Yesterday though I finally did, I went to Target for a little over an hour and it was so nice to be able to relax and shop alone, without having to rush because someone is crabby or tired. I love being with my little guys, but sometimes an hour away is all I need to feel refreshed. These last few days have been stressful with lots of tantrums and tears, and mommy was starting to get a bit crabby herself, but now all seems better. Even though today was still filled with lots of crying I feel a little more relaxed about it. Declan is totally going through this clingy mommy phase right now that I know in a few years I will miss, but all he wants me to do is hold him all the time otherwise he cries and cries, you get the picture. Plus, yesterday Liam had a fit and refused to go to his swimming class and I wasn't in the mood to make him since I take everyone with it's not worth it if he's not cooperating, and then when it was too late to go he decided he wanted to go and was upset it was over. I'm sure you know how those days are when there doesn't seem to be a moment in the day where someone is not crying. So it was nice to get out even if it was just for an hour trip to Target. I came home and my mom said everyone was great and happy the whole time I was gone. Then as soon as I walked in Declan started crying again. Don't you love how they save their best behavior for you :)

                               The best picture we could get of them in their Halloween pjs, we may have to try again. 

                               I like to think Rory is just making a scary face.


  1. That's nice you were able to get out for awhile. I can totally relate to needing a little time away from little ones!

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  3. I totally know how you feel. My grandma watches my boys. SHe is in really good shape and gets around really good for her age but I always feel bad asking her to watch them. She usually only has them no longer than 2 hours but she always tells me to go and she can handle it. I have no idea what I would do without her. She lives like 3 miles away so its super nice. And my mom comes by in the evenings alot too to see the kids, usually around dinner time so that helps alot too. And yes we need breaks every now and then. My boys were up before 6 this morning and are already driving me nuts:) oh the joys of motherhood. Glad you got some time to yourself;)

  4. Getting out of the house just gives you a new perspective, it's so therapeutic and most often my trips are to Target too, something about that place!! ;) Glad you were able to have some time for you so important!! and your mom is a sweetheart to do that!

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    Have a great weekend!

  6. i can
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