Monday, October 31, 2011

StinkyKids Book Review and T-Shirt Giveaway

  The people over at Stinky Kids sent me the book Stinky Kids and the Runaway Scissors by Britt Menzies. Liam thought the title alone was hilarious and laughed every time he said Stinky Kids.There are a total of 10 Stinky Kids and the book provides a description of each child and their leader of good quality which is the main message of the book.
     Stinky Kids and the Runaway Scissors is about Britt who gets gum stuck in her hair and then goes on a playdate over at Julie's house. While at Julie's she tells her friends about the gum stuck in her hair and they all try to come up with different ways to get it out, but none of them work. Finally Max gets out some scissors and offers to cut Britt's hair and she says yes. He cuts it and then she looks like a porcupine, which she thinks is funny, but is scared to tell her mom what they did when she comes to pick her up. Brit tells her mom and they talk about  if not telling her mom about the gum and cutting her hair was a good choice. Then Britt's mom takes her to a salon to get her hair fixed and before bed her dad talks to her about the new rule with scissors. In the end she remembers she has some gum in her nightstand, but asks the reader what you think she decides.
     This book has a good message for kids, while being fun at the same time. The Stinky Kids main message is to be a leader of good and that comes through in this book. I like how it talks about choices and Britt's parents discuss if she made the right choice or not and what she should do next time. At the end of the book it also has some questions you can ask your child along with some takeaway messages. Liam really enjoyed this book and I liked the message. After the story we discussed it and how if you have a problem you should tell your mom or dad. I think young children will enjoy this book, and parents will like the message and the good qualities each StinkyKid has. If you would like to purchase a StinkyKids book or doll you can go to their website at or you can purchase them on Amazon.  One lucky winner will receive a free StinkyKids t-shirt.
*Disclaimer-StinkyKids gave me this book to review in no way did this change my opinion. Everything written is honest and 100% my own opinion.*

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