Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Day in My Life

Wednesday September 14th
4:30am Rory wakes up, I try to wait to see if he'll go back to sleep, but no dice so I get him and bring him in bed he thinks it's playtime and does not want to go back to sleep
5:15am Rory's still fussy so I give him a bottle, still will not go back to sleep
6:00am put him back in his crib he cries so I wait it then decide to get him and finally we fall back to sleep
8am Liam comes into to wake us up we sit and talk for about 10 minutes then my husband wakes up and says "Wow, I don't know why I'm so tired" Ok, really?
8:15am Everyone is up we brush teeth, get dressed, and go downstairs
8:45am Liam asks for scrambled eggs so I make them
9:00am We eat Liam complains he cannot pick the eggs up with his fork because they are to big I ask if he wants help he says yes so I cut them, then he starts screaming and crying that he didn't want me to cut them
9:20am I ask my husband(Jack) to talk to Liam so maybe he calms down and he does Liam eats and is better
9:30am Jack leaves for school I pick Rory up to feed him realize he pooed and go to change him but it is all over him so I decide to give him a quick bath, he needed one anyways. Liam comes upstairs says he wants to take a bath, I tell him to try to go to the bathroom then he can. So he does and I get Rory dressed and give him his bottle, in the bathroom.
10:00am I put Declan in the tub and give him a quick bath, mine as well get everyone done at once. Play with them in their room while I also try to fold laundry and pack
10:45am Go downstairs and make lunch
11am Everyone eats, Declan dumps his full plate on the floor
11:30am Get little ones in stroller and walk Liam to school
12pm Come home Rory falls asleep I play with Declan, unload dishwasher, Rory wakes up I give him a bottle
1pm Lisa comes by to pick up pictures I edited
1:30pm nap time for Declan I try to put Rory down he cries so I rock him
2:15pm Liam comes home I try to get him to nap
2:30 Rory wakes up I rock him back to sleep
3:30pm Declan wakes up  Liam comes upstairs asks to watch TV I say no, he has a tantrum that lasts about 45 minutes
4:30pm start dinner
5:00pm Eat, clean up, play
7pm get Liam and Declan ready for bed and try to finish packing for Indiana
7:40pm Put them to bed Declan starts crying I try to hold him , figure out what's wrong he keeps crying which is weird because normally he goes to bed fine
8:30pm I get Rory a bottle and get him ready for bed
9pm Liam is still up he starts crying because he lost his pirate sword I find it and tell him to go to bed
9:30pm Turn on dishwasher and put Rory to bed, he won't sleep so I rock him and watch as he laughs in his sleep love when babies do that(I'm going to have to let him CIO soon I hate doing that but I haven't found anything else that works)
9:45pm Clean bathroom and then I take a shower
10:45pm Jack comes home, I check out blogs, watch Big Love, Rory wakes up again I check on him
12am I read a bit and get ready for bed and get ready to do it all again. Hopefully with less crying:)

I left a lot out because I didn't realize how long this post would take me to write. There was also a lot more crying today then usual, but hey some days are better then others. I woke up and decided to post what my day was like and there you have it, hope it didn't bore you too much.


  1. Wow and I thought my days were crazy and busy. Mine are nothing compared to yours. Hope you have much better days and things start to settle down for you. I wish you more sleeping time as well.

  2. That is a pretty full day. It does get better though, there will be a time somewhere in the middle then high school hits and you get zero sleep.

    new follower I write Simple Daily Challenges for Moms.

  3. I can TOTALLY relate!! I have had many a day like that. I am a new follower from Moose Tracks and Tater Stacks link party! So glad to have found a another great blog!
    -Robyn from