Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Kids Allowed

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     So I was just reading an article on yahoo, you can read it here how more and more place are starting a no kids allowed rule. Some examples are restaurants, airlines, hotels, stores. I mean really people? You need to shop at Whole Foods when no kids are there? I think that is just crazy, I get it kids can be loud sometimes, but I hope most parents leave if their child is screaming and crying if that option is possible. Don't people realize that as a parent you are probably more stressed out and embarrassed by your child's behavior and crying then they are annoyed.  I know if my children are misbehaving I take care of it, I think most parents do and if not I don't blame the kids for it.  I mean if you are so bothered by children go out to dinner later or somewhere fancy where there probably won't be too many kids.
     I think that the way to teach children manners is to take them places, talk to them, and model appropriate behavior. Even before I had kids I could never imagine telling someone they could not take their children to a restaurant. Well I hope more places don't start to follow this trend because I think it's ridiculous.


  1. I've always brought my daughter when we ate out ever since she was a baby. We have had not problems with her and she learned how to behave in restaurants. It's good that there are also many kid friendly restaurants that offer crayons and pictures to color.

    The Twerp and I

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  3. Um, since people are always going to have children and love them, I very highly doubt that this will ever stick. If it does, they certainly wouldn't receive business from me, whether I had a sitter or not!
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  5. I also think it's ridiculous. It's kinda spun from the people who have decided not to have kids. That's their decision, and I don't think it should affect the people that have decided to expand their family.

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  6. Just plain silly. Stopping by to thank you for participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.
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  7. I was just talking about this on my facebook page! I think sometimes people forget that kids aren't little adults. I think this is incredibly ridiculous! I'm a new follower from the Just 'Cuz Blog Hop! I'm glad I found you! I'm off to read more of your blog!


  8. I just posted a blog on this last week. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie and in walked a couple with an infant. Totally inappropriate and the child of course cried and made noises throughout the movie.
    I like you believe in teaching my children through practice. Unfortunatly way too many parents aren't teaching thier kids manners never mind respecting those around them.
    If businesses choose to be child free they are marketing to a specific audience/consumer group. It will be interesting to watch.

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  9. I think if parents used common sense this wouldn't be an issue.

    If I go through the trouble to get a sitter to go to a fancy restaurant that isn't a 'family' place, I don't want to have to listen to somebody else's kid making a fuss.

    I was out to a nice restaurant once and a woman was there with a newborn (tiny infant, probably only a week or 2 old) and the baby was WAILING and the woman was trying to breastfeed the screaming infant with her tatas out in full view of the entire restaurant. I felt for her, because she was obviously struggling, but a fancy restaurant is not the place to sit, with your hysterical infant and bare breasts, and try to learn how to breastfeed.

    That screaming infant really detracted from my meal, and I really didn't think it was necessary/appropriate to have exposed boobs all up in the dining room. Now before I'm attached, let me be clear, I breastfed my daughter for her first year- I even breastfed her in restaurants, but I tried to be discrete (used my Hooter Hider, chose a seat that offered me as much privacy as possible, etc.) and if she didn't settle down straight away, I high-tailed it out of the restaurant. I see no problem with breastfeeding in public (although I do find that naked boobs dangling in the breeze makes me, and most other people, uncomfortable).

    But some parents do not use good judgement. How many times have you been in a restaurant and seen parents letting their kids run wild and trip or almost trip a server? I see it all the time. (I even once told a 5 year old girl who was almost scalded by a tray of hot food, "Go tell your mom she's not watching you.")

    If parents exercised good judgement I think this would be a non-issue. However, since some parents let their kids run wild or take them to inappropriate places, we get no-kids rules.

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  11. New follower from the Pink Dandy Chatter Hop. This is crazy to me, while I prefer to not take my 3 wild boys places sometimes its practical, I mean really if I couldn't take them to the grocery store then we would all starve and how would they learn to behave if they were never allowed out in public?
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  12. I hope to never see a no kids allowed sign and I don't even have children! If I ever am blessed enough, I will hope to be able to teach them the importance of smart shopping and tipping at most restaurants! I guess some restaurants will be losing quite a few customers!!

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  13. For real? This is ridiculous. What about single parents?

  14. I totally agree. I am thankful to live in a small town where there are lots of young families. However, I have felt discriminated against (for having my children with me) visiting a few local business before. I haven't gone back.
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  15. agreed - totally ridiculous! they would lose a lot of business :)