Sunday, June 26, 2011

Smart shopping

  Currently I am a stay at home mom and hope to be able to do so for as long as it is financially possible.  So, one thing i have started doing is trying to learn to shop smart and use coupons something I never would have thought of years ago.  Not like I was making lots of money or anything, but I would just use credit cards and not think twice about it which I try not to do anymore.  Now I have been reading coupon blogs and trying to save more, which I am getting better at and will post any info and advice I have for others.  Also if you have any to give me I would love it. One thing I've started doing is shopping drugstores more I never realized how much you could save at CVS combining coupons with there extra bucks program, but you can actually get some stuff almost for free.  One of my favorite sites for this type of info is she has tons of helpful info.

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