Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Mishmash

This post is just a jumble of what has been happening here at the Clarke household or what is soon to come.  I have so many posts half finished that I hope to one day post, but here are some random things that have been happening here or are soon to come.

*Saturday a friend of mine had a Fall equinox party, which was lots of fun. The kids had a blast and made scarecrows. Then we came home and saw my husband's car had a ticket for permit parking when he was parked across the street where you don't need one. Seriously WTF, someone must not like us. We were told they only come to give tickets when someone calls, at least check to see if we need a permit before you just hand out a ticket.
*Sunday Jack and I had a date night. We went to Starbucks for coffee then Carnivale for dinner. Super yummy food, I really wanted  some sangria it looked so good. I don't know why it always seems when I am pregnant I wish I could have drink other times I never think of it, maybe it's because I know I can't.
*Speaking of which hopefully if the baby cooperates we should be finding out the sex next week. You guys will probably be the first to know after my husband of course. We might wait a little longer to tell the family after having three boys all everyone can talk about is how they know we will have a girl or hope it's a girl and sometimes I just get annoyed when I tell them it's another boy like it's a big disappointment for them. so we may wait.
* I don't know if I I ever mentioned this before, but I can be pretty unorganized. I try but to be organized I really do but it is not one of my strong suits. This has led to our dinners being very boring or thrown together at the last minute with whatever we have in the house. Before when Jack got home early this wasn't really a problem because one of us could run to the store if needed or he would sometimes cook, but now he gets home around 6pm and we need to eat immediately since that's kind of late for my little ones. So today before I took Liam to school I put together a meal plan, which I basically just went through my pinterest board and quickly picked 6 things. If I really like any I will be sure to post them here. Maybe tomorrow I will post our menu for the week, hopefully I can keep this up.
* I still have been extra tired lately and once afternoon hits all I want is a nice nap, but that rarely happens these days
* About 2 weeks ago I started cloth diapering Declan. I got some super cheap and was hoping it would help lead to potty training quicker since I remember reading that somewhere. It really doesn't seem to make a difference on that end, but it's not as bad as I thought doing it full time. I'm still not thrilled with changing poopy diapers while we are out or really at all to tell you the truth, but it's been doable. I haven't decided if I will try to start Rory in them or not or the bay when he/she comes for that matter. I would have to get more if I do. I'm not sure if I can deal with the million poopy diapers a baby makes. Any cloth diapering mamas out there with advice I would love to hear it.
*I'm really loving this fall weather, it's my favorite time of the year
* Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to the Aquarium:)
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!!


  1. Hmm the cloth diaper debate.. my cousin has done it with both her babies and loves it, but does keep disposables on hand for trips out etc ( eg, she doesn't want to carry dirty diapers around all day when she doesn't have to) but it still cloth 90% of the time. She's probably the only person I know IRL that's doing it but she's full of praise and in her words 'you're going to see a lot of poop either way and with cloth diapers you really only have to put up with it a few moments longer'... be interested to hear if you keep going with it or not.

  2. kids toys I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading what you all have to say.