Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Days and Thoughts on Homeschooling

   I can't believe tomorrow it will be July. Our days have been so busy and flying by. Most mornings have been spent at the park with friends, in the backyard, or meeting friends indoors to keep cool.
Nights have been spent grilling, at Liam's soccer practice, or going to Rainbow cone one too many times.

We also started family picnic movie night on Fridays which has been super fun. We lay out a blanket, eat pizza, and watch a movie. Our first night we watched Peter Pan and last night we watched The Fantastic Mr Fox, which was a movie even mom and dad enjoyed.
   In only a little over a month Liam will be back at school. I feel like it's coming too fast and I still haven't really decided about homeschooling. Some days I think it's a great idea while others I think I must be crazy for even considering it. It's such a big decision and I can see benefits to both. I just think since homeschooling is going against the norm it makes it hard to know if it is the right decision. Luckily when I told my family we were considering it they were supportive otherwise it would make the decision even harder. I guess no matter what decision I make there will always be doubts. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


  1. I love the idea of family picnic movie nights -- it sounds so fun and something that your boys will remember for a long time. :)

    I'm interested to see how the homeschooling saga ends -- does she or doesn't she? ;)

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend, Jessica! Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post, too. <3

  2. I've seen a few other bloggers having the same homeschool debate, it's such a huge decision so I can see how it would be incredibly difficult to know what to do. Homeschooling is basically unheard of here so I'm a bit fascinated that so many of others are already doing it/ considering it.