Monday, April 9, 2012

Improving your health with Essential Oils

     If you are a regular reader, you might have read my post about how I recently started selling doTERRA essential oils. If you haven't you can read it here. I have used oils on and off for a while now and just started using doTERRA oils recently, and I just want to say how much I love them.
    For one you can feel great for helping your family and fiends with problems in a natural way. My little guys have had their allergies acting up and by putting Breathe oil on them at night they are no longer coughing.  I had a headache the other day and used Past Tense and with in minutes it was gone without having to take any medication. I shared some with an acquaintance who gets migraines and nothing helps but prescribed medications and she was amazed that within minutes her migraine was gone. It makes me feel good to be taking charge of our family's health and teaching others to do the same. If you have never heard of doTERRA you should definitely check them out as a way to improve your family's health in a natural way.
     I will continue to share my experiences with essential oils since I am so excited as to how they are improving our health. If you have any health problems or questions feel free to contact me and I can post about that issue and my experience with it. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. I missed your post about selling them! I am all about natural ways to help. I'm going to read your old post and learn more about them..and likely purchase some from you! :)

  2. Essential oils such as Clary Sage Oil improves quality of your life by protecting your health from diseases and reduce the level of stress and fatigue.