Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

      We did end up making it to the waterpark Thursday afternoon and had a fun night splashing around and after ate dinner in the small town, then back to the hotel for bed. I was a little nervous about staying in a hotel since it was our first time with all three, but they did great. Unfortunately that night I ended up getting the stomach flu, so all of Friday was spent in the hotel room for me. Jack was awesome though, he took all three of them for the whole day without complaining and I know at a waterpark and indoor amusement park that was no easy feat. Saturday I felt a bit better, and we went to the amusement park before heading home. Unfortunately with all the chaos we didn't get any pictures, but the kids had tons of fun so I'm sure we will do the trip again next year.
  We wanted to make sure to be home for our annual Southside Irish Parade in our neighborhood on Sunday.  It actually got cancelled two years ago since it became too crazy, and this was it's first year back as a more family friendly parade. Sunday was a perfect sunny day and wonderful weather for a parade. I was excited to be able to share a neighborhood tradition with my kids since Liam was only one at the last parade.
                                                 Lil Hooligans getting ready for the parade


      All I can say is I am so glad we have our parade back. Lots of people were nervous but it turned out to be a very family friendly event. We spent the whole day outside with family and friends. Eating lots of corned beef and later having a campfire and making smores.Perfect family fun:)

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  1. Parades are such fun!

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    Hope you have a great weekend! :-)