Thursday, January 12, 2012

Springtime in January

                   It's hard to believe that yesterday felt like spring when today looks like this.

We've been super lucky with a mild winter so far here in Chicago. We heard it was suppose to start getting cold, so yesterday we took a trip to the zoo to enjoy the nice weather.

                                               I can't get enough of that face

Super Liam, also know as Chapstick boy due to his obsession with putting it on about every 10 minutes yesterday
                                                     He wanted a picture with the penguin

                                    He loved the tigers, he's at that age where everything is fascinating

                                                    Tired Baby, he's a trooper though


  1. We didn't get any snow here which is crazy because last year at this time, we had 2 huge snowstorms. I love the penguin picture too:)

  2. Looks like fun! We are getting hit by a snow storm right now, but in Canada that can be expected :) Cheryl ~

  3. I came to your blog via the blog hop over at Create with Joy! Looks like lots of snow over in the Windy City! We have had a pretty mild winter here in CT although we had a wild storm at the end of October. We are hoping for a mild Winter and so far, so good!

  4. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. I found you through Friendship Friday and I'm a new follower =)

    Sandie lee

  5. Lovely pics Jessica! I feel the same way! Here in NH it's been so nice and we've been out bike riding but not yesterday and certainly not today and I hear this weekend will be in the teens - no thank you!

    Newest follower, btw!

  6. Aww, I love the pictures! I know how you feel - same weather here! There's about 7 inches of the white stuff outside -- 50s again, please!!?! :)

  7. Thanks for joining me for Friendship Friday! I am now following you and I hope you'll do the same!

    If you have time, please take a moment to share what you love most about blogging - my readers and I would love to know!

    Have a fabulous weekend & I look forward to getting to know you!


  8. Such cute pictures! And I hear ya on the weather. It's been like that up until yesterday as well here in E. Ontario!

    Now a follower! Please feel free to stop by my blog and follow back if you like :)

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  10. we take advantage of this weather too! but still waiting to use the new sleds!!

  11. Super-adorable pics!
    We've been about the same weather-wise up here in Maine. It's felt like springtime up until maybe 3 days ago. Crazy!
    Stopping by from the Alexa hop, following on GFC & Twitter :)