Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

    As I look back on 2011 by far our greatest blessing was this little guy. He's made life so much better. I know as I look back though there are some things I'd like to improve on in the new year, so here we go:
2012 Goals
* Learning to live in the moment without distractions
* Making more time to just play with my children and give them 100%
* Go on a family trip
* Make date night and my marriage a priority
* Continue to work on organizing  my house
* Eat healthier (incorporate more fruit and veggies especially)
* Start meal planning again (I think it will help with eating healthy)
* Write more, start a book with one of my many ideas
* Not worry about what others think or compare myself to others
* Learn to be more appreciative for what I have and not worry about what I don't

I am a work in progress, but we'll just start with those goals for now I will give you an update in a couple months. Wish me luck!


  1. These all sound great! I wrote about my resolutions and we have quite a few that are the same! Feel free to check them out!


  2. Those are great goals. I need to learn some of those things as well. I hope you are having a great year so far.

  3. Hi there! I'm your newest follower thanks to the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop! I have 2 young boys myself [ages 4 and 2]

    feel free to drop by http://maidinmotherhood.blogspot.com

  4. Every single one of your goals is something I personally have to work on!! The last goal is especially important because it's so easy to see what others have and get envious or wish you had it too. It's a trap I have to be more conscious of and to not fall into. :)

    Found your blog on the blog hop. Followed your blog and twitter!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. Love your new year's resolutions!! I found you on Notes from the Nelsens. Your boys are precious!!!