Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Guess this is Why I'm So Tired: Ramblings with some Links

     I always have the best intentions to go to bed early, but for some reason that just never seems to happen. For example last night I was all ready to go to bed then I forgot I wanted to show my husband a YouTube video I watched, you can watch it here. It really broke my heart I couldn't imagine what I would do if one of my kids got bullied everyday. The I saw this video here which made me wonder if it was real, either way it made a good point. Bullying really does destroy people. I know it will break my heart when my children get hurt by other people, but it is sadly part of life.
     Then I was off to bed, but I remembered I was looking at Casey Wiegand's blog and she had this interesting post about Love Languages you can read her post here. Basically it talks about how everyone has their own love language and I thought it would be helpful to know mine. I took the quiz and mine is acts of service, which makes perfect sense to me. It always makes me happy when my husband helps out especially without me asking him to. I guess I just never thought of it in the way that him doing those things helped me feel loved, but they do. Then I went upstairs and explained the quiz to my husband and what it meant and he wanted to take it. So I brought the computer up he took it and his love language is physical touch(which he asked why that couldn't be mine), then his lowest score was in acts of service, while my lowest was physical touch. Reading more it says typically you give the language you want to receive. Since Jack and I are complete opposites I feel like this was so helpful, since now I know what I can do to make Jack feel more loved and vice versa. If you are in a relationship you should definitely go here and take it. I feel like just knowing these facts will help our relationship.
    By this time it was almost 1am, but for some reason I decided it was a good time to figure out what we spent last month since I am trying to budget better and figure out where all our money goes. After finishing that and realizing I need to really spend less (I feel like I spend way too much at target and the grocery store anyone know what the average grocery bill is for 4 not including Rory since he doesn't eat much) I decided it was time for bed. 
   Then Liam started crying, he's been having nightmares lately and I feel so bad for him. I went to comfort him and asked him what it was about he said he couldn't play the song he wanted. He calmed down and I left the room, but a few minutes later he started crying again because his skin itched. So I put some lavender lotion on him and finally was off to bed.  I laid in bed though with my mind racing and thinking about this blog post to write. For some reason I always think about a million different things I want to do or write about right before bed. Is it just me or do other people do this as well? So I think by 3am I was finally asleep, but I had the best intentions to be in bed by 12am, maybe tomorrow night.


  1. Oh how I can relate, always the best intentions!! The Love Languages books are awesome, especially love the ones for kids!

  2. I can so relate! I hope you get some sleep tonight!