Monday, November 14, 2011

What's Going on in the Clarke House


   The other day I wrote a few posts about topics that have been on my mind lately and scheduled them, but I haven't had a chance to tell you what's been going on here. It's been pretty chilly here and Liam does not like wearing coats or pants or shirts that are too long a.k.a shirts that fit, so everyday before preschool it's quite the ordeal to get him to wear pants and a coat. Usually at home he's in shorts all day. I've been debating if I should have a shorts gnome come and hide them all. When he was a year and half and summer came he had a real issue wearing shorts and would only wear pants and long sleeves when it was 90 degrees out. I guess he just doesn't like change. People probably thought I was crazy when he had pants on in 100 degrees, but I can't send him to school in shorts it's just too cold. I did try to have him go outside briefly in shorts, so he could see how cold he would be but he said he'd rather just stay inside all the time. I love him, but the kid's crazy.
     Declan has decided he no longer wants to wear pants either and runs around in his diaper all day, which really is no big deal I just think it's bad timing now since it's cold out. He's also decided to take his diaper off at night and I'm sure he will start doing it at nap soon too. I'm thinking I may have to duck tape his diaper at night if he keeps it up, if anyone one has other suggestions I'd love to hear. I tried cloth, but he can get those off as well.  He's started talking more and saying alot more words on Sunday he started saying Liam and he can tell me when he needs to poop, which is good. Of course his favorite word is no and he says it all day and is becoming more independent and opinionated about things. I know it's good, but it also makes life more difficult and shows he's not my baby anymore.
     Then there's my little angel Rory. When I had Liam I thought life was so hard, but now babies seem easy compared to a toddler and a preschooler. It doesn't take much to make Rory happy just a little attention or a cuddle. He started pulling himself up and standing a couple of weeks ago. The first time he did it was on the bathtub, so he could see Liam and Declan in there. Sunday he started clapping too. This time goes by way too fast I can't believe he turned 7 months on the 11th.
   It seems like everyone here has been sick for the last week or so. As soon as one of them gets better then another one gets sick . I thought we were in the clear then Wednesday Liam came home with a fever and Friday Rory was burning up. Liam seems to be getting better and Rory is a bit better. Hopefully we're in the clear. Why is it kids can't sleep at night when they're sick? When I'm sick all I want to do is sleep, but they seem to be up all night between the three of them. I've had many sleepless nights now and am hoping this bug will leave our house soon, but I'm scared it may have hit me now. I'm crossing my fingers I'll fight it off. Hope you guys are staying healthy:)


  1. Your kids are beautiful! I am a new follower from the Monday Monkey Blog Hop.


  2. Hey there Jessica. I'm a new follower from the Get Connected Tuesday hop at Reflexions. I just so happen to have three boys too. And I also happen to be a stealth ninja mom with the (false) answers to everything lol. Anyhow, stop by and see me sometime. And stay away from those icky bugs...they're nastier when you have a house full of boys who don't take breaks.

  3. Thanks so much for linking up to our blog hop this week on Love U! I am already following you but like to stop by and thank you for your support as we are still so very new to blog hoppping. We won't have one next week as my co-host is getting married and she is taking next week off. Hope to see you the following week.


  4. I am lucky as well to have a sweet little one that is easy to make happy! The 3 olders... not so much. LOL

    Found you in a blog hop, glad I did too.

  5. Such cute kids! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. I'd love you to stop by my blog & follow along too!

  6. I love your boys!! They are adorable. I have a 3 year old and a one year old...we hope to have another one day! I can't imagine how crazy it could be though, at least your youngest is easy going!

    Stopping by from the blog hop!

  7. What cute little ones!!!! I'm a new follower from the Wednesday blog hop! Stop on by my blog when you get a chance!

  8. Your family is so cute... I had problems keeping a diaper on Logan also... I found some onesies that had hard snaps and he could not get the onesie off to take the diaper off. LOL...
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  9. You have such a beautiful family! This was a great first post for me to read! I'm a new follower from the Finding Friends Blog Hop! And I LOVE the name Declan, we were considering it for one of my twins - we went with Brennan! What is it with kids and no pants? Maybe it's a boy thing, but I have a hard time keeping pants on my boys too, they LOVE running around pantless. least I'm not alone!