Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Gifts for the Kids


   Although my kids are all still young (3 and under). It seems like they have so much stuff already and we have no place to put it, and I'm scared to see what my house will look like after Christmas. For Liam's first Christmas we only got him a few presents since he was only 10 months old and didn't know the difference. Then when I had Declan I didn't even know what to get him his first Christmas since we had alot of toys from Liam, but I felt bad since Liam was getting so much so I bought him more then I should have. With three boys it's hard to think of things to get when they are little since we have a lot of baby toys already. Now Declan is starting to have things he likes, so it will be easier to think of a few things for him. For Rory I saw a little walker that looked cute and we don't have one and I'm pretty sure by then he may be able to push one, so I think I'll get him that, but not much else.
     This year I decided I'm not going to go overboard. Last year I  kept feeling like maybe I didn't get them enough, and then just kept buying more because I felt guilty like they should have a million presents.  Then on Christmas day it seemed to take all of 5 minutes to open all the gifts and I was still stuck thinking, was that enough, but it was and I know it. I think if you give them 10 gifts or 30 they can open them in only a few minutes.
     My friend was telling me the other day how her aunt used to get their kids 4 gifts every year: Something they want, need, wear, and read. I looked it up online and came across this website here if you want more info or ideas. I thought that it was a super cute idea and to be honest I started my shopping already and think my kids may be too young to understand it this year, but I may try it next year. I think it sounds like a great way to not go overboard, plus your kids know what to expect. No matter what it seems like they end up with too much, half of our kids toys are at their grandparents already because we have no room for them, so  this year I'm thinking less is better and I am going to focus on the few things I know my oldest one really wants and get my younger two a couple of things they will like. What do you guys do at your house for Christmas?


  1. My mother shows love via gifts. This means well into our 20's my siblings and I are confronted with a lounge room full of presents every Dec 25.
    The truth is, I no longer have the room to store the surplus of gifts showered on me. Many of them serve no purpose. Then there is the gift cards which are appreciated, but almost embarrassing.
    I know that sounds ungrateful but honestly that four present system sounds perfect to me.
    Four gifts that I would take them time to appreciate. I actually think I may suggest it to my mother. Now her 'baby' is 20 surely it's time to start cutting back!

  2. I so know hoe you feel. I have 2 boys almost 4 and almost 2 and to make things worst for us their bdays are Dec. 17 and dec. 24. You should see our house now! We have toys and blocks everywhere. Everytime I want to throw something away or donate it I look at it and think but they still play with it sometimes and now we have baby #3 on the way. I think it's just time to pack up some things. It's super hard to buy for the younger one because like you said we have toys from the older one. And I am the same way, I think we haven't gotten them enough but my husband always reassures me we did plus they have no idea what they are getting at such a young age. We usually get them a big present and then a few little ones.

  3. My little guy is too young to know the difference this year, but I think I'm going to take the want, need, wear, read approach in the future. Great idea!

  4. I really like that idea, especially since I have an older son. Now to just commit to doing it. I am usually pretty good about not going overboard.

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