Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes when it rains it pours


   It seems to be constantly raining these last few days in Chicago, in more ways the one.  The other day when I went to start my van it just wouldn't start, my husband tried to jump it but no luck. So in the morning we had it towed and found out the battery was dead, so we had it replaced. Then that same night Jack's car wouldn't start after work, he finally got it started but now the power steering is out. So basically we got our van back and then had to take his car in to the shop. Hopefully we can get his car back by tomorrow and  it won't be too expensive since we just had to pay for a new battery. Now we are going another day without a car, which I really wouldn't mind if it wasn't raining all day here. Liam's school is only a few blocks away, but I really don't want to walk with the little ones in the rain. I should look into getting a rain cover for the stroller so they won't get wet. I know things could be worse, I guess at least they didn't both break down at the same time:) I hope everyone else is having a better week then we are here.


  1. Do not sound like you had a great week. I guess with all this rain we are happy to have a dry house a few of our neighbors have water in their basements.

  2. Boo! Doesn't sound like a fun week. We have a ton of rain here and I am not a fan. Makes me depressed:(

  3. I really dislike the rain. Intensely. Not such a good thing that we just moved to Northern CA where it rains ALL THE TIME. Ugh. Stopping by from the Friday Hop. Hope your week got better!