Friday, October 21, 2011

Organizing the playroom

     It seems like I am always trying to organize, reorganize, or move things around in our house to make them fit better. About 8 months ago we finished half our basement and made a playroom for the boys. I wish we could have finished the whole thing, but we have a flooding issue that we can't seem to resolve. Unfortunately when it rained really bad over the summer it actually got in the playroom. So we ended up having to clean it and get rid of a bunch of toys that got ruined. We cleaned it out awhile ago, and I decided it was time to start reorganizing things to make it fit better.
     Last week we took a trip to IKEA and can I just say I love that store. They somehow manage to make 400sq ft seem doable. We ended up buying a shelf and some bins and I love it. I think we may have to take another trip there to buy one more and a little table to go between them.
I'm trying to have a better system for their toys and where they go so everything has a place. I just need to keep reminding them where things go and label bins. I hope this system works because toys always end up everywhere throughout the house and rarely get put back in the same spot. I moved almost all there toys downstairs to their playroom and plan to just have one small ottoman or basket in the living room for their toys because they were starting to take over the house. I'm sure I mentioned before our house is small and it easily feels cluttered, so I'm hoping majority of their toys can stay in their playroom. We'll see if this actually works. The hard part is I always feel bad when I'm up here cooking or cleaning on the main level and they don't have much to play with, but I think one small bin should be enough. They can always bring something up if they need to I just need to make sure they put it back.
    Now I am on a reorganizing mission. After I finish their playroom I plan on moving on to the dining room and kitchen, then work my way up to the bedrooms. Then last will be our laundry/storage room in the basement and garage. Hopefully my husband will help me with the last two *hint, hint* if you read this Jack:) I'd love to hear how you guys stop toys from taking over your home and organize.

                                                           Shelf from IKEA and bins


  1. I am in the process of a house overhaul. Its amazing how much stuff we collect without even realizing it!! I am a huge bucket, bin, basket person and I LOVE labelling (my husband makes fun of me for it!). Love the shelf you got...I need a closer Ikea!

  2. I could live in Ikea! Seriously!

  3. We just got a playroom set up in the basement; I'm thrilled to have the whole mess down there now! And that is what it is, a mess. But if I can't see it, I can ignore it for longer:)) call me in denial. Visiting you from the Planet weekend hop!

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  5. I found you in a blog hop! I am glad I did. I love your blog name and look forward to reading it. I hope you can give the follow love back

  6. Gorgeous shelves! Thanks for joining the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

  7. Stopping by from FTLOB. I HATE clutter and chaos. Aside from bins, baskets, and shelves, I have found that ottomans are great to hide away some of the junk my son accumulates. Plus, then we can use them for seating/foot rests/etc.