Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Little Hoarder

     Yesterday I was giving Declan those honey wheat pretzel sticks, while I was cleaning and he kept coming back for more, I thought wow he must be eating these really fast since he kept coming back every couple minutes.  Then later I see him pull three pretzels out from in between the couch cushions to eat. I thought wow, now that makes sense as to why they are going so fast, and I checked between the cushions to make sure there weren't anymore. I thought I got them all, but this morning while I was sitting on the couch he just pulled out another one and started eating it.
     See these are the reasons why it is so hard to keep a clean house, because even when you think it's clean you have little one stuffing things in weird places. I remember when I was younger and at my best friend's house for dinner whenever her dad would feed us fish sticks we would throw them behind the stove or the radiator  when we he wasn't looking. I often wonder if he ever found those or if it ever started to smell and he wondered why. I now feel bad about that, and can only imagine the things my kids will do as they get older. I know this is just the beginning.


  1. I remember as a young girl hiding a big piece of juicy steak under my pillow. I was so sad when bedtime came and I found only a big juicy grease mark, as the dog had found that steak. I can only image what my mom thought when she washed my sheets!

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  3. That's boys for ya! LOL. So cute.
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  5. Hahaha, hilarious! Declan is just being smart and storing food for later, that's just practical because you never know when you'll be hungry, right? ;)

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  6. What a cutie, he sounds pretty clever too! New follower, just subscribed to your blog.
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  7. Yeah, I always swore I'd never be the mom with a backseat full of Cheerios...

    I found a library book and a toy truck in the refrigerator yesterday--safe keeping spot, I guess!

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  8. I'm always finding crackers and cookies under my boys bed. The cleaning just never ends.

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  9. Ahh, my Lucas does that all the time! The cabinet on the entertainment stand is a favorite, as are the seats of his ride on toys. Found a matchbox car in the silverware drawer yesterday too. Too much!

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  13. You have a very resourceful son with forward thinking and an appetite too! :) LOVE IT!!

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  15. Hi, am from Friendly Friday. Our toddler is also doing something of the same trick but his is on his bed to eat in bed and some on his toys to give to our dog.

  16. Hi! New follower here!! My kid do the same lol..have a nice weekend.

  17. ...I recently hid a fast break candy bar in the couch. Unfortunately my uncle found it and removed it from it's hiding place, so I had to eat it before someone else did.

    Found you on the SSS circuit. Following you via GFC and on the Twitter.

  18. Hi there :)
    Stopping by compliments of the Alexa Mavens Blog Hop! Your blog is making me feel so nostalgic, my kids are 21(twins), and 19 and I miss all of the things that you are talking about :) Enjoy it and keep taking pictures, before you know it, they will be all grown up :)
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