Friday, September 23, 2011

Preschool Dilemma

  Liam has been in preschool for almost 2 months now. He seems to like it for the most part and never really complains about going. We send him to the local public preschool that I heard great things about. I don't have any complaints about it really. He seems happy, he doesn't really tell me much about it, but I know that's normal.
     I guess I'm just feeling some regret, because we did have he signed up for a Montessori school I used to teach at and I really wanted him to go there. My husband and I went back and forth about it for months. Should we or shouldn't we? Finally we decided on the public school, mainly for financial reasons. The Montessori school costs $380 a month and we might end up having to pay for grammar school, so we decided to save money now. We probably could have afforded it, it just would have been hard and we would of had to make cut backs and maybe I would of had to find a part time job. I'm not really sure how things would of worked out. Then I was thinking of my younger kids and would we be able to afford it for them especially since Declan and Rory will be in preschool at the same time. That would be $800 a month.
     I have a couple of friends that are sending their kids to the Montessori school and I just feel bad because I know all the great things they do there. I feel like maybe if he went there he would end up learning more, and he is a really bright kid (really he is I'm not just saying it because he's my son). I want him to feel challenged and I know it's only preschool, but I love Montessori and think it would have been a great fit for his personality. So, now I'm wondering if we should have just payed the extra money and sent him there. Now they are full and I wouldn't want to pull him out of his preschool anyways, but I'm just feeling a bit of regret and guilt.  Its seems like that is always a part of parenting wondering if you made the right choice and feeling bad that maybe you didn't. If I sent to the Montessori school I may be wishing I didn't if it was too hard financially. Ahhh...the neverending mom guilt, I'm sure there will be more to come soon.....


  1. I think you made the right decision about the schooling. Save the money now for later education you mentioned. Public schooling is good, but only as good as the parent(s) demand it, so stay involved and be a part of his class sometimes. You can see for yourself if he is getting the challenges he needs. I am sure at this age, school in general would be a challenge. From experience, if your child is acting up in class or doesn't seem interested in the school work, which you would know about cause the teachers would call ya LOL, then maybe he is not being challenged enough.

  2. You always want the best for your children and you're going to come across times when you're not sure what the right decision is for your family.

    My oldest is 11 and he got the same (not-so-great) teacher this year that he had last year. We've been in a big dilemma about what to do. Finally, we decided to leave him there and I will supplement at home.

    That's what I'd suggest. At the pre-K age, most learning should be through play and everyday experiences anyway. These are probably things you've already been doing (Look! The tree's leaves are turning brown. Why do you think it's doing that?). The best challenges from bright kids will come when they start to focus on particular interests. Feed those interests with books, websites, trips, etc. and your son will find plenty of enrichment.

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  3. I think saving the money for a later education is a good idea. I went to montesorri many years and loved it, but decided to send my daughter to a different type of school. And she is being challenged and thriving. It is so hard to make these decisions. I thought I was following you but I added you again. Come check out my blog when you get a chance.

  4. follower from the hop:) I think saving money for later is the better decision also but I totally know how feel about the mom guilt. We always do that to ourselves. My oldest will be be starting hopefully around the first of the year and we are looking at a Montessori but it's about the same price as a public preschool where I live.

  5. We've been there too. Hope it all works out!

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  6. I'm a new follower from the hop and would love for you to stop by my page.
    As parents we will always second guess our decisions but in the end we always make the right one.

  7. I think we all second guess our choices. But I think if we are following our gut we usually get it right even if we aren't sure at first.

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  8. I am also a new follower! I have that same type of guilt too! Great blog! I am at

  9. I went through similar feelings of guilt when we decided to send our son to school instead of homeschooling! It's always hard! I'm your newest follower and looking forward to reading much more! ~Tina