Thursday, September 29, 2011

New recipes

    I love trying new recipes and since I started reading blogs I have found so many I want to try and Pinterest has so many too that look delicious. The other day I tried a white chicken chili recipe I found on a blog. I have one of my own that I love, but this was a creamy one and I wanted to try something new. It turned out ok, it was a little bland but I may try it again and add a couple of things to it.
I just hate when I try new recipes and am disappointed. I feel like cooking was a waste of time if the food is just mediocre. When I look at recipes though that have great pictures, I just always think it will taste just as good.
A while back I tried a couple Rachel Ray recipes and was totally disappointed with those as well.  I enjoy cooking, but with 3 kids I like meals that are easy or where you can do the prep work ahead of time since I'm on my own at dinner time. So I thought I'd ask you guys if you have any recipes or sites you love to go to for new recipes?


  1. I felt the same way for a long, long time. I've found a few good ones (ignore today's post though unless you are a super veggie lover)
    Beautiful blog and such lovely pictures! I'll be back! Newest follower! Come visit!

  2. Hey there! I'm here from the Friday Blog Hop and am enjoying reading up on your blog posts. Definitely a follower now. :-) Love the site! Regarding recipes, I have a friend who is AH-Mazing in the kitchen. She's even just finished a second book all about pies. Yummy. Anyway, she posts recipes and pics for step by step instruction. I can vouch for how very, very yummy her food is. Check it out if you get a chance:

  3. I'm a new follower via the Friday Blog Hop. The last favorite recipe I tried from the internet was a stuffed pumpkin recipe. It was amazing! I haven't tried anymore of the stuff from the site, but plan to after trying that recipe.

  4. as you know yourself with kids, it is easier just to do something easy and quick, so I try to find recipes like that, I look for them on pinterest boards or food/craft link parties