Monday, September 12, 2011

Blender Bottle Review and Giveaway


     The nice people over at BlenderBottle sent me over a bottle, sling, and recipe book to review.  One of the first things I did when I received the products was look through the recipe book.  It is filled with a ton of recipes, things I never would have thought to make in a bottle which was great because it gave me so many more uses for it. I love that you can make a smoothie, pancake mix, marinades,scrambled eggs or salad dressing in it.  I was nervous about making thicker items in this, such as pancake mix and thought I would have to shake it forever, but I was pleasantly surprised. I only had to shake it for a little bit and the batter came out perfect.  It was also nice that I did not have a huge bowl to clean, and I actually just poured it right out of the bottle on to the pan and it worked perfectly. My husband also tried it for his protein shakes and it mixed it great. The bottle is dishwasher safe and only takes a little space in the dishwasher, which is a plus for me since we have a small dishwasher.
     The recipe book comes with a ton of recipes. We tried the steak marinade and it was very flavorful. I look forward to trying more of their recipes soon.  They also sell slings for the bottles which come in a variety of designs.  They make carrying the bottle very convenient and they are insulated to keep your drink cool. 
    The BlenderBottle is great, and my favorite part is the easy clean up. I can make eggs, pancakes, or smoothies and only have one bottle to clean instead of bowls, silverware, or a blender. It makes cleaning up much easier. Overall I was very pleased with all of the BlenderBottle products and think they work very well and love all the things you can mix in it.  If you would like to purchase a BlenderBottle, sling, or recipe book you can go to their website One lucky winner will receive a BlenderBottle, sling, and recipe book.
Disclaimer *BlenderBottle provided me with these products to review, in no way did this alter my opinion of the products. All opinions are my own and 100% honest