Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post:: Madeline from The Charming Mad Chatter

Hey all! My name is Madeline and I run a little ole' blog called The Charming Mad Chatter. On my blog, I discuss all kinds of things. I'm a Christian wife, who is hoping to be a Christian mother sometime soon! My post is about things my husband and I have discussed while having the "maybe baby?" talk! 

My husband and I have been together for four years. Our third wedding anniverary is in November. We've known each other longer than that. Needless to say, the "maybe baby?" talk has come into conversation more than the "what's for dinner?" talk.  We're stable in our relationship, and we want to have children.
Therefore, we've started having the inevitable, what if and how and general decision conversations! I can honestly say that before we reached this point , I had NO idea there was SO much to decide. If you don't take it slowly, it can give you a headache just by overwhelming you. It's important to us to be on the same page with everything, and so therefore we are planning.
My hope is that by me sharing a short list (because the full list would take days to read), I help out someone help who is hoping to expect soon.

Cloth Diapers vs. Pampers :  Now before you go all "ewwwwww cloth!!!!" on me, give me a chance! We've decided to go to the cloth route! Besides the bonus of saving LOTS of money, cloth diapers are better for a baby. Cloth Diapered babies have less rashes, due to the fact that cloth diapers have no chemicals, unlike Pampers. Another bonus is that cloth diapers are earth friendly. Disposable diapers take hundreds of years to degrade in landfills. So, less money, healthier and earth friendly? I'll take it! Also, cloth diapers now have earth friendly, biodegradable inserts you can buy, and are a lot easier to use than they used to be ten years ago!

Cloth Wipes vs. Store bought disposable:  Okay, so I could probably use the above argument for this. Except I'm going to say that it's different. I'm not doing cloth wipes. Nope. Not happening. There are no disposable biodegradable inserts for wipes. Wipes are messier. Not as easy as cloth diapers. And plus, I figure that my cloth diapers will cancel out my disposable wipes. Some times you just have to compromise.

Co Sleeping vs. Crib:  I have to say this was an easy decision for me to make. Hubs & I have decided that for the first year, we'll keep the baby's crib in our room, with us, and we'll have the baby sleep in the crib. I have no desire to be wandering half asleep down hallways, tripping and bumping into things. At the same time, I can't co sleep. I'm a very heavy sleeper, and hubs is in between. I know for a fact that co sleeping would be dangerous for us. The only thing that will really wake me up is sound (hence baby's crib in room), and I don't want to risk anything happening.

Breast vs. Bottle:   This was not an easy decision, because it's one I can't make. And I hate those types of decisions. As much as I would like to breastfeed, I can't. I have some medical issues where medication is required. And while those can be managed for 9 months, my doctor has informed me that I have no choice but to bottle feed, as I will have to be put back on my normal medications directly after baby is born. :( So, it's going to be bottle for us!

Daycare vs. Homecare:  I have to say that this was a no brainer for use. I know that there are some that are fine with daycare, and some that have no choice. I don't have any desire to let my children be influenced by other adults, and I want to be the one teaching them everything. Hubs agrees with me.

Homeschool vs. Public School: We haven't decided this. This is more like a "we'll cross that bridge when we get there" decision. We want to see if the schools have improved when we get to that point, and it also depends on some other factors. Dyslexia runs in my husband's family, so that's a factor. If homeschooling is best for any of my future children, than that's what I'll do!

I know these aren't every decision to make, but these were big ones for us! Deciding to have a baby is just the FIRST decision you have to make!! The first of MANY! I hope what I had to say was hopeful to someone today! Thank you to Jessica for having me!


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