Thursday, July 7, 2011


If any of you out there have more then one child under two, I'm sure you know what a hassle it is to get out of the house on your own some days. You either have to lug out a huge double stroller or put the baby in a carrier or wrap and the other in a single stroller.  It's all very time consuming and most double strollers a huge and very heavy plus we either store ours in the car or garage because we have no room in our house and it's all just a pain.  When Declan was born we had a joovy sit and stand stroller, which is pretty big but we didn't use it too often since my oldest was two and enjoyed to walk or ride his bike anyways, so it was no big deal. Once we found out we were pregnant with baby #3 I started researching double strollers because I knew we'd need one where 2 kids could sit.  I looked and looked, but all the ones I wanted were so expensive. Then this girl on facebook was selling one I'd been looking at a Kolcraft contours so I bought it, which if it wasn't so huge and heavy I would like but I just dread taking it out, so most of the time Rory goes in the maya wrap. At the park I saw a couple moms with Phil and Ted double strollers, which looked so light and easy.  Then I looked up the price online and was like I can not spend that much money on a stroller that's insane. So after telling my husband about it and showing him pictures online he said if you think it will make life easier get it ( gotta love him:) So I bought one even though I think it's way too much for a stroller, but I got it on ebay so it was a bit cheaper. 
Was it worth the money? Not sure yet. I will say that I did not like the instructions that looked like a 3 year old drew little pictures to follow. Also I am not sure why they have to make a baby things so complicated it takes 2 people just to figure something out. Or maybe it's just me.  I will say it feels like pushing a single stroller even with my oldest is in it (since it was new and he never rides in strollers he was very excited to go for a ride and my mom was here so I was able to push him and the baby in it while she pushed Declan in another stroller.) My hope is I will get used to it and love it since I spent so much money on it.  I'll let you know the verdict soon.
On a side note for some reason on certain blogs I am not able to comment it says to pick an account I pick google it brings me to the gmail sign in and I sign it but then my comment says posted by anonymous anyone know why?  Thanks:):)


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  4. Hope you love your new stroller! We just have a cheapy Jeep one that I actually got at a thrift store, but after resisting for a long while I've been SO glad that I finally bought one. Sometimes it's just nice to have the option to strap them both down! :)

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