Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheap shopping trip

I went to CVS today and was so excited with how much money I saved. I came home and told my husband, but he was not nearly as impressed as I was (I think talking about coupons bores him).
So here's what I got:
3 12 packs of pepsi (Rory's christening is coming up so I'm trying to stock up on cheap pop)
Venus razor
Gillette shave gel
2 tubes of crest toothpaste
2 cartons of Edy's ice cream
A box of Edy's popsicles
All for $5.40 plus $14 in ECB for my next trip that's why I love CVS.
 Who would have thought I would find saving money so exciting? If you asked me a few years ago I probably would have just laughed because I never even thought of using coupons. If I didn't have money I would just put things on credit cards, but then I realized you really have to pay those off one day. How was I to know, they handed them out like candy in college with $10,000 limits and all I had was a part time job working a couple days a week. Now we no longer have credit card debt and I plan on it staying that way. So, now I try to find ways to save money any way we can and I actually enjoy it:)

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  1. How awesome! Especially at a drugstore where things are usually more expensive! You'll have to share your secrets - those college candy credit cards (alliteration much?) are sucking the life out of my bank account right now - I'll do anything to save a few bucks!